What is Italian Stringing?

These angled draperies with a straight hem line are a somewhat difficult treatment to fabricate, even for some of the most experienced drapery workrooms. Italian Stringing is a method of “stringing” or “opening” your draperies. Draperies with Italian Stringing are typically “fixed” at the top, so the only parts that move are the bottoms of the drapery panels, and there is a cord or multiple cords attached to the back of the panels that are pulled to open the draperies. The panels in this photograph are stationary, so the Italian Stringing is not functional. Also notice that the hem line is straight across the floor. If this were not taken into consideration when fabricating the panels, the leading edge would be raised off of the floor.

About Dean

I am an expert window treatment designer and fabricator. I have been making draperies for many years, and I have a passion for my career. I fabricate everything myself, and I pay close attention to details to ensure that my clients receive quality soft furnishings. I focus my efforts on helping people make their homes a place of beauty, style, security, and comfort. When someone visits your home, first impressions mean a lot. Consider adding beautiful fabrics to your home. I also offer design options to my clients. I can make several renderings of different window treatment ideas by designing on a photograph of your window. It helps you to have an idea of how a window treatment will look prior to committing to something you will not like when it is finished. Scale and proportion are huge factors in designing perfect window treatments. If excellent quality, and attention to details are what you are looking for, look no further.
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